Add: Fuel flow data, Temperature at input of Catalytic converter

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Add: Fuel flow data, Temperature at input of Catalytic converter

Post by mmi » Fri Oct 22, 2021 8:21 pm

Thank you very much for very fascinating app. It provides good and relevant data, has good recording capability thus allowing further analysis and long term tracking. Well, perhaps most importantly - extremely easy to use as it connects easily and quickly.

I'm running VW Transporter equipped with CXEB engine and group 15 works perfectly. I'm confident that also the following engines will work with the app perfectly: CXGA, CXGB, CXHA, CXHB, CXFA as they all belong to same family of Transporter engines.

In scope of DPF monitoring I'd like to propose following changes for this engine group (or perhaps even a dedicated new group not to mess with existing users):

(1) Add parameter "Particle filter: fuel consumption since last regeneration" (IDE01407).

Reasoning: by longer term recording over a few DPF regeneration cycles, the extra dose of fuel used during active regeneration can be extracted from data. This can be done surpriringly reliably by comparing similar journeys without active regeneration with same journeys when regeneration takes place. Demonstrated here ... ost-318785

(2) Add "Temperature at input of catalytic converter". It can be found e.g. in "IDE04090 - exhaust temperature bank" 1 as second parameter (S2). In same message (S3) is DPF input temperature, and (S4) DPF output temperature. Respectively (S1) is exhaust temperature at turbo input.

Reasoning: by long term monitoring deterioration of the converters capability to raise the exhaust temperature can be detected well beforehand.

(3) To make room for the above could remove "Post injection 2" and "Post injection 3".At current sampling rate it's not possible to render much useful information from these alone.

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