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Common options setting

Post by admin » Fri Feb 04, 2022 2:58 pm

After the installation, you can set the options as listed below as a common setup.
Highlighted in red you can see the changed values.

General options
  • Minimum data auto-update time = 0 sec (default: 0 sec)
  • View extra data = selected (default: selected)
  • Auto connect on start = as you prefer (default: not selected)
  • Enable data auto-update function on start = selected (default: not selected)
  • Power off Bluetooth/wifi on exit = selected (default: selected)
  • Speedup data reading = selected (default: not selected)
  • Custom engine group = Read from ECU (default: Read from ECU)
  • Field regeneration limit override = empty (default: empty)
  • Additional data = View minimum and maximum data (default: View minimum and maximum data)
  • Charge rating reference = Distance (default: Distance)
  • Write log = as you prefer (default: not selected)
  • Log file size warning = 10000 (default: 10000)
App interface options
  • Screen orientation (restart) = as you prefer (default: Portrait)
  • App theme = as you prefer (default: Blue)
  • Data title language = as you prefer (default: English)
  • Distance measurement unit = as you prefer (default: Kilometers)
  • Temperature measurement unit = as you prefer (default: Celsius)
  • View notification bar icon = selected (default: selected)
  • Sounds = selected (default: selected)
  • Volume on start = as you prefer (default: 0 = use system setting value)
  • Text size (restart) = as you prefer (default: 100%)
  • Graphs = selected (default: selected)
  • Floating mode = selected (default: not selected)
Adapter options
  • Connection type = as you prefer (default: Bluetooth)
  • Selected Bluetooth ELM327 = your adapter name (default: empty)
Application info
  • VAG DPF = this isn't a setting, but tapping on it you can see the Copyright message for the external library used