VAG DPF - User Manual: User Interface

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VAG DPF - User Manual: User Interface

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From top to bottom, there are 4 sections: status bar, commands and icons, data fields, static data.

Status bar section
In this section you can see from left to right: app icon, app name, setting menu icon, data log recording icon, sounds icon, help icon, FAQ icon and exit commands. Icons can be hidden is there's no space, in this case they are moved inside the 3 dot icon.
  • setting menu icon/text: tap to open the setting menu
  • data log recording icon/text: tap to enable/disable the data log recording in a TXT file in the internal SD storage; the icon shows if the log is active or not (strikethrough icon)
  • sound icon/text: tap to enable/disable sounds; the icon shows if sounds are enabled or not
  • help icon/text: tap to open the help webpage of the forum
  • FAQ icon/text: tap to open the faq webpage of the forum
  • exit command: tap to close the app

Commands and icons section
This section contains 4 main areas from left to right: status icons and commands, dynamic DPF image, additional data, filter filling bar (on bottom).

Status icons are 4, from left to right: bluetooth/wifi connection status, adapter connection status, vehicle connection status, data reading status.
  • bluetooth/wifi connection status: grey = no active connection; blinking blue = connection in progress; green = connection active; red = connection failed with selected device; blinking red = connection attempt but no device selected in settings menu; yellow = no device selected in settings menu
  • adapter connection status: grey = no active connection; blue = connection in progress; red = error during connection attempt; green = adapter connected and initialized correctly
  • vehicle connection status: grey = no active communication with vehicle; red = communication error with vehicle; yellow = communication with vehicle ok, but unable to read DPF filling limits; green = communication with vehicle ok
  • data reading status: grey = automatic data reading function inactive; green = automatic data reading function active (the icon rotation shows the incoming data from the ECU)
Commands are 2 from top to bottom: CONNECT/DISCONNECT and INIT ELM/REFRESH.
The texts and the functions of the commands are dynamic. Buttons can be disabled (grayed) sometimes when the related command isn't available.

Dynamic DPF image is a button and an image at the same time.
Clicking on it you can enable or disable the automatic data reading.
The image can change to show different status of the app, in particular the inside of the filter can be:
  • grey = DPF in normal accumulation phase (dark grey area increases following the real filling of the filter)
  • red = DPF in regeneration phase (dark grey area increases following the real filling of the filter)
and the outside can be:
  • grey = DPF input gas temperature under 350°C
  • red = DPF input gas temperature over 350°C, in this case the red color intensity depends on the temperature value
  • grey or red with diagonal lines overlay = DPF filling limits wasn't read during the initialization process
Green arrows on the filter image show the automatic data reading function active.
There are 2 further icons below the DPF image:
  • data log recording icon on bottom right = this icon becomes visible when the data log recording is active
  • regeneration request icon on top left = this icon (a red filter and an hourglass) becomes visible when the ECU is performing a regeneration or when a regeneration has been interrupted before the normal end remaining in a suspended status, in this state the ECU can decide to complete the process next time the engine will start or to wait for the next filter filling
Additional data area contains from top to bottom:
  • soot mass filling rate
  • vehicle mileage (if available in the ECU parameters)
  • time to read all parameters
  • minimum automatic data read time (set in settings menu)
  • filter filling percentage for field regeneration
These additional data can be enabled or disabled in the options menu.
There is an additional error counter text, on top left of the filter image, that becomes visible in case of data reading errors.

Filter filling bar shows you a graphical indication of the filter filling rate percentage for field regeneration. The percentage number is visible above the bar on the right.
When the filling reaches the value 100%, another bar starts on the left overlaying the existing bar, then the percentage value shows two values separated by the + character. This second bar shows the filling rate percentage of the service regeneration.

Data fields section
In this area you can see 12 data fields. Every field can be disabled simply clicking on it, except for the first three fields that are mandatory for the app functionality.
All fields have the same structure, from top to bottom: title, reading status dot, data, additional data.
The reading status dot can be:
  • blue = no data reading
  • green = data reading ok
  • red = data reading error
Additional data fields are 2 and can be set, into settings menu, to:
  • disabled = data won't show
  • previous and delta data = left field contains previous value and right field contains the difference between current and previous values
  • minimum and maximum data = left field contains the minimum value read since connected and right field contains the maximum value since connected

Static data section
Section_4.jpg (10.87 KiB) Viewed 29023 times
In this area there are 4 static fields read one time only during the app initialization after the connection with the ECU.
They are:
  • Top-left: engine ECU software version
  • Bottom-left: engine ECU hardware version
  • Top-right: engine code and car model year (calculated from VIN, when available)
  • Bottom-right: engine type