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New engine type?

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2021 1:12 am
by Ascarman
I have just got a 2021 amarok and I was trying the free version before buying the full version. It appears to connect ok, green Bluetooth symbol. But I cannot see any data. I tried all the engine type settings but no change. I the the engine type is DDXE. Should this work ?

Thanks for any help or advice

Re: New engine type?

Posted: Sat Apr 03, 2021 5:45 pm
by admin
I don't have data about your engine and no reports from users.
If no engine groups works with it, I can assume it's similar to the new TDI engines launched with Golf 8 etc that have a new diagnostic setup.
I'm working to make these new engines compatible, but I need to have a car to be tested and I'm actually locked down for the Covid.
I don't know if DDXE shares the same parameter setup, but you could verify when I'll release that update.

Re: New engine type?

Posted: Sun Apr 04, 2021 6:04 am
by Ascarman
Thanks. I will check when there is an update