CFCA Engine

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CFCA Engine

Post by andycollings » Fri Feb 18, 2022 10:05 pm

I am using VAG DPF on a 2014 VW T5.1 CFCA. The app appears to be receiving live data however the DPF value remains at 62% and the soot calculation doesn't change from 15.02. also the input and out put gas temp displays 0, as does the oil ash residue.

Does this point to a fault with the ECU (no fault codes) or the app?

As some background, I have recently purchased the vehicle and it has been back to the seller 5 times to have a DPF fault repaired. They refuse to replace the DPF, despite a report from DPF Doctor.

Could changes have been made to the ECU code to prevent this data from being read with the intention of preventing the DPF warning light operating and subsequently the vehicle going into limp mode?


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Re: CFCA Engine

Post by admin » Mon Feb 21, 2022 11:45 pm

Strange case, I didn't see part of parameters read correctly and part stuck at fixed value.

Everything is possible for who knows how the ECU is programmed, but it's a very hard work in my opinion.
Common use is to remove all warnings and MILs after an engine modification (DPF removing, EGR closing, power increment) because it's the easiest way to skip the controls that the ECU do, but I've never seen a crack with a fixed value returned by the diagnostic bus.
My experience isn't so big, so consider also that this can be another way to adapt a modified engine that I don't know.
Personally I think that this isn't a common practice for an official dealer, it's most likely for an aftermarket car workshop.

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