Regen every drive

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Regen every drive

Post by glenc » Sun Oct 31, 2021 9:45 pm


Firstly admim, thanks for an excellent app, I have Vagcom but this makes it so easy to see what is going on with the DPF, I have purchased the full version and will be making recommendations to others!

Anyhow I wonder if anyone can help, I seem to have an issue with my VW Transporter in that the DPF is regening every drive. As soon as the engine is up to temperature the DPF regen kicks in and I get smoke from the exhaust on acceleration a white/grey colour. Doesnt do this when cold only when up to temperature and using the app managed to align the smoke generation with the DPF regen.

Also noticed that I am getting diesel in my oil... I assume this is due to the increase in fuel for the regen, under normal usage probably not noticeable but at the moment I seem to be going into regen every journey and some fuel is probably getting into the oil, the frequency of this is causing it to register on the dipstick...

I have attached a couple of screenshots, we can see at 18:29 that I am Soot Mass calculated at 3.45, then seconds later it jumps to 24.07. Makes me believe it is a sensor failing, but the jump happens only when the engine coolant is at 90 degrees.

I am just working with the log file and want to get the time stamps in excel, how can I convert the (ms) number into the correct time and date? I am used to using EPOC date conversions but just cannot seem to change the log entry into the time and date stamp.

Happy to upload the log file / email it over if anyone can help or is interested to look at what is going on.

Thanks for any help


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Re: Regen every drive

Post by admin » Tue Nov 02, 2021 10:28 am

I agree with you, this behavior can mean a sensor failure. Moreover I see the measured soot mass with realistic values and this happens when the calculated value isn't correct (usually the measured value is negative and not realistic).
I think that the ECU starts the regeneration so frequently because it sees uncommon values in some sensor and to be safe it prefers to launch the regeneration many times.

To convert from milliseconds to date/time you can use this formula:


A3 is the cell containing the milliseconds value.
The two finals blocks "+(1/24)" are optional and correspond to the increments due to the UTC time and the daylight saving time. They depend on your regional time rules. For example if your UTC time is +3 you have to add "+(3/24)" and if you don't have the daylight saving time you can remove the last "+(1/24)".
Of course you can collect the 2 values in a single fraction to be added, I used them separated for better understanding.
Then the cell containing the formula must be formatted as date/time in the format that you prefer.

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Re: Regen every drive

Post by himi » Sun Apr 24, 2022 10:23 pm

Hi there, did you solve your problem?
I have VW Golf GTD (CUNA) and having exactly the same problem. Soot Mass Calc usually gets up to around 4g and then jumps above 22g and the car starts regeneration. I just changed the differential pressure sensor today and about to drive tomorrow to work. I don't think it's the sensor issue but let's see.
Thx for any update.

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