Forced Regen (Cold Engine)

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Forced Regen (Cold Engine)

Post by ruairi » Mon Feb 10, 2020 7:08 pm

My Seat Leon is messing about. I drive 21 miles to work and 21 mile back each day.
Every other day a full regen is required as the Soot Mass fills up.
If the regen doens't fully complete the Forced Regen is activated next time i start the car (see pic above)
This forced regen mode then seems to cause the car to cut out every time i brake (until engine heats up to 50deg plus)

1. What does the Forced Regen mode (red icon) do if engine is cold. Surely the regen cant take affect until exhaust is hot enough?
2. Is it normal for a full regen to be required after driving 80 miles?

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Re: Forced Regen (Cold Engine)

Post by admin » Wed Feb 12, 2020 3:34 pm

The red hourglass icon means that a regeneration process is pending, not that the regeneration is going to start.
I experimented personally that if if stop a regen when the soot mass is about in the middle, it doesn't restart immediately in next trip but often the ECU waits to reach about the 100% before to start again and complete the previous regen.
Rarely I'v seen the regeneration starting if the conditions was optimal.

80 miles to complete a full regen without interruptions is a very high distance, strange in my opinion. Maybe are you considering the also the time when the hourglass red icon is on and the filter image isn't red? The regeneration is in progress only when the filter image is red.

With my car the regen usually takes 20-25 km.

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