Charge rating reference & log

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Charge rating reference & log

Post by Mhden2x » Fri Mar 01, 2024 11:17 am


Could someone explain what "charge rating reference" is (in options)
And also what that "time" counter counts in the log file?


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Re: Charge rating reference & log

Post by admin » Fri Mar 08, 2024 11:48 am

Charge rating reference is the value corresponding to the limit at which the ECU should trigger the regeneration. It's called "field regeneration limit", that's the standard regeneration for TDI engines.
The purpose of that option is to customize the limit in case your DPF has different value than what is stored in the app.
If the value isn't correct, you'd see the regeneration starting always far from the 100% filling.

This can happens for example if you are using an engine group not exactly mapped for your engine, maybe because your engine isn't offically supported.
Due to the huge number of engine type in the VAG galaxy, some of them can be supported unofficially simply because they share the same diagnostic setup of a supported engine.
Same diagnostic setup doesn't mean same DPF dimension, and this means different fieled regeneration limit.
If you see your ECU triggers always near 30 grams and the APP considers the 100% filling at 24 grams, you can customize the Charge rating reference setting the value 30, after that the APP will consider 100% filling at 30 grams instead of 24 grams and you'll have the correct percentage.

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