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Seat Leon regen allot

Posted: Sun Aug 27, 2023 11:40 pm
by Paudy
Hi, Great app, :D enjoyed trying it out, interesting to see all the parameters in motion!
I'm trying to figure out a few things with a car I just recently bought.

Its 2.0 Fr 184bhp 2015 with just over 102,000 miles on it. It seems to be be doing or rather trying to do a regen every 50 miles. ( high idle and fans running when turn the engine off) Even though the app is saying it hasn't done one in 90 miles ( 145km ). I have been doing allot of short journey so really trying to see do I have a problem with the dpf or not. My last drive was a longer drive to try and see would a regen start but it didn't. The picture attached shows my current status....
I would really appreciate it someone could help answer a few questions for me please?

Question 1 - For the differential pressure with the ignition on I get 0 hPa then at start up usually around 11 or 12hpa. when driving I get in the range 50 - 80 hpa .
When I drive hard I get over 100 hpa. When I really floor it hard I get 200 to 264hpa . After a drive when I'm idling before turning off the engine its around 15 to 17hpa.
Does this sound like too high of pressures considering the filter fill bar shows 64% full, Or it this normal pressures?
The oil Ash is at 48% so I assume there's is still some life left in this dpf, I hope !

Question 2 - NOx data field, I tried changing the custom engine group to "4 for CUNA type" and to the "read from ecu" option, but both still give me NOx screen is there anything else I can try?

thanks guys.

Re: Seat Leon regen allot

Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2023 10:00 pm
by admin
Question 1: to me, your values seem ok, I don't see big difference versus my 2.0 TDI DETA.

Question 2: I don't understand your question ... you don't want to see the NOx charge?

What happens when the regen occurs every 50 miles? Do the measured soot mass raise pretty regular or it suddenly jumps to about 24 grams?

Re: Seat Leon regen allot

Posted: Fri Sep 15, 2023 1:48 pm
by Paudy
Hi, thanks for the reply.
For the NOx I was trying to change this to soot mass measured ( sorry I didn't explain that) but it wasn't working in the engine group for CUNA. I got it to show by using Group 0 but then I loose the EGR data.

For the regens, I have been following it the last few weeks. So basically the soot mass measured is rising at least twice as fast as the soot calculated so when the soot measured gets over 20g it then forces the soot calculated to jump and then start a regen.
The soot mass measured just rises steadily after a regen, there is no sudden jumps.
Soot calculated rise consistently/steadily also until the soot measured causes it to jump.
Soot measured rises at least twice as fast.

See pictures below. You can see its about twice the value between them. I also added a picture to show after a regen soot values and regen temperatures etc if that helps.

Question 1. Anyone any idea why the soot mass measured would be rising twice as fast as the soot calculated? this then causes a regen every 50 to 70 miles.

Question 2. What is a normal range for Nox?
Thanks for all your help.

Re: Seat Leon regen allot

Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2023 10:50 pm
by admin

In my experience, a similar behavior is due to a defective differential sensor. But this is just my opinion, you should ask to an expert that can verify with diagnostic instruments.

Anyway the calculated soot mass is the value that the ECU uses to start and stop the field regeneration process. When the DPF system is working correctly, the calculated soot mass increases and decreases regularly in the expected range; in this condition, the measured soot mass values are very strange and sometimes impossibile with negative values. Normally, the measured soot mass value is useless.

On the contrary, when there is a failure in the system, the calculated soot mass value has unexpected jumps and/or increases/decreases very few; in this condition, the measured soot mass becomes more accurate with linear increasing and can be checked to understand the real soot filling.

This is the reason why I added the measured soot mass value to the app while initially I discarded it because I considered it useless. Many users asked me to add it because in case of failure it becomes useful.

As already written, my advise is to ask the help of an expert to check is all the DPF components work fine.